Gloria Raasch

Kathryn Raasch has served families in Danville, Indiana as a teacher and administrator since 1979. Throughout her career, Raasch has remained a fearless advocate for young learners in need, exhibiting a tireless commitment to ensuring quality early education in a state where preschool is neither guaranteed nor universally funded. As principal of Wayne Township Preschool (WTP), an urban, high-poverty school, she makes it her duty to establish common standards and empower teachers to exceed them. Raasch took leadership at WTP in its opening months and quickly mobilized to increase enrollment, build a shared culture, and increase community accessibility. She skillfully united a teaching team representing 11 different preschools by shepherding an intensive process to generate the school’s mission, values, and goals. With these in place to guide assessment and instruction, Raasch went on to lead the school through national accreditation, earning recognition as a Quality Level 4 school. Throughout this process, she deepened rapport with teachers and community members and established best practices for data-driven intervention. Not only an effective systems thinker, Raasch leads with heart. As a mother of a son with a disability, she has mentored her staff to understand the concerns of parents of students with disabilities, making WTP a more welcoming school for students of all developmental levels. Raasch holds a B.S. from Indiana University and M.S. and Administration degrees from Butler University.