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K.L. Carver Elementary School

San Marino, California

Principal: Stuart Caldwell
Advisors: Stacy Travisano, Stuart Caldwell
Student Council Officers: 21


“Holiday Toy Drive 2023: Benefitting Friends at Union Station Homeless Shelter”

Our Fall council came up with the idea to host a toy drive. Our students planned the whole event by communicating with the Union Station Homeless Shelter, publicizing the event at school and on social media, making donation boxes for 35 classrooms, collecting the donations, and loading the donations into the collection truck. It was a huge undertaking. The goal was to donate at least 500 new and unused toys. We far exceeded the goal by donating over 900 toys.

“Cereal-sly the Best Drive and Rube Goldberg Challenge”

Our objective was to donate over 800 boxes of cereal to our local food bank for distribution to needy families, while creating a school-wide STEM challenge. The student council held a cereal box drive, to collect as many cereal boxes as possible. We lined them up through the halls as a giant domino STEM challenge, incorporating the 4th grade students’ design of a Rube Goldberg machine at the end. The cereal boxes were then donated to a local food bank. The project was a huge success and the students are begging to do it again.