John D. Alstad

John Hoeven Elementary School
Minot Public Schools
Minot, North Dakota

John D. Alstad’s career as an educator began in the classroom 30 years ago. In his nearly 17 years as a principal, Alstad has been tasked on multiple occasions with making change happen from the ground up. At Miller Elementary, where Alstad was principal for 14 years, the district was not immediately receptive to his proposal to implement PBIS. Undeterred, Alstad set out to clarify some misconceptions about the program and patiently lay the groundwork for its approval. Once implemented, the program was so successful at decreasing referrals and increasing consistency that Alstad is replicating its success at John Hoeven Elementary School (JHES), where he currently serves. Alstad considers it “the privilege of a lifetime” to have helped build a genuine, warm family atmosphere at two schools exemplified by a multilateral approach to decision-making and an all-hands-on-deck school improvement orientation. As a PLC leader, Alstad “lets the data lead the discussion” to cultivate a culture of professional curiosity and growth. At JHES, Alstad aims to leverage PLC-based collaboration to bring the school’s literacy program up to par with its high-performing math program. Alstad is proud to have served the profession in local, state, and national leadership roles, and he regularly provides mentorship of both current and preservice teachers. He holds M.S. and B.S. degrees from Minot State University and Moorhead State University, respectively.