Janna D. Cochrane

North Greenville Elementary School
Hortonville Area School District
Greensville, Wisconsin

Janna Cochrane is the first principal of North Greenville Elementary School, which opened in 2014. Cochrane hired all staff, selected and purchased all materials for the building, and collaborated on the design. Throughout this process, she carefully listened to staff to develop a cohesive mission, vision, mantra, and collective commitments. It is this same collaborative ethos that led to the development of multiple dynamic teams—grade level, content, school leadership, and intervention—and has brought great success to North Greenville. Together, these teams support staff, and students are able to achieve at their highest level. North Greenville lives their mantra, Kids. First. Always. Teachers are very invested in their collaborative work and often lead the Hortonville Area School District in their efforts. Deeply committed to the work of improving children’s lives, Cochrane educates herself about new modalities and practices. She is currently a Solution Tree Consultant, traveling the country to share her expertise to assist educators and children alike. Cochrane is known for leading with warmth, and she goes the extra mile to create spaces where students can connect and form friendships. She hosts summer events like Popsicles on the Playground and promotes Literacy and Math nights for students and their families, building a culture in which parents are truly connected. She has an M.S. in Educational Leadership from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a B.S.in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota, Moorhead.