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J.O. Schulze Elementary School

Irving, Texas

Principal: Linda Torres-Rangel
Advisors: Alicia Rowland, Cristina Hernandez
Student Council Officers: 4


“Mission Possible”

The purpose of the project was to reach out to members of the community who needed love and kindness during the Holiday season and bring them joy. The Student Council officers chose to support the elders because they reminded them of their Grandparents. To accomplish their goal, they decided to collect new items that could be found at the dollar stores, as well as greeting cards that could be bought or made by themselves.

The Student Council members with the collaboration of all school stakeholders, collected items such as puzzles, deck of cards, socks, and blankets to be donated to the residents of West Fork Village senior living in Irving, TX. They made greeting cards and practiced several Holiday songs to carol the residents when they deliver the gifts. In the evening of December 14, with the support of their parents for the after-school transportation, the Student Council members visited the senior residence and personally delivered the gifts and cards.

“Planting Kindness”

The purpose of the project was to show in a practical way the importance of small acts of kindness, to give back to the school and to feel connected and proud of attending Schulze Elementary.

The Schulze ES Student Council’s committee Kindness Ambassadors, with the collaboration of both of their advisors, Counselor Rowland, and Mrs. Hernandez, requested the school to buy a tulip bulb planting kit. During Irving ISD Kindness Week, representatives of each grade level as well as teachers and staff took turns to plant a bulb in the front yard of the school with the expectation of seeing them bloom during the Spring.