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Hanalani School

Mililani, Hawaii

Principal: Bonnie Lee
Advisors: Christina Pardine, Mandy Cambra
Student Council Officers: 15


“School Campus Cleanup”

Our objectives were to engage in the valuable work of helping others, practice life skills such as organizing, problem-solving, developing self-confidence and a sense of empowerment that comes from reaching out and helping others, and practice good citizenship by making a difference in the community. It provided our students with a sense of accomplishment as they strive to keep our Aina (land) clean.

Students took their own personal time to clean our campus grounds and classrooms on multiple occasions. They love helping our teachers sweep and mop their floors, tidy up, and organize. With over 700 students on our campus, it can be a challenge to keep every area free of debris. 

“Canned Food Drive”

The project goal was to educate our students and their families about those that are less fortunate and how we can help them. The main goal was to bring in 2023 items. Each year our goal is to bring in the number of cans that coincides with the year.

Students surveyed our school community to see what food items were most desired. We asked students to bring in these desired items. Students created posters, flyers, and morning announcements. Each group was responsible for a different age-level at our school. There were age-appropriate incentives for each grade  that met their specific goal. We then donated all canned goods to two local food banks. We collected and donated over 2,200 cans schoolwide!