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Fred Roberts Middle School

Houston, Texas

Principal: Citlali Guerrero
Advisors: Ashton Ramella, Esmeralda Rodriguez
Student Council Officers: 5


“Start With Hello Week”

Hello Week was a week-long promotion of community. Students were encouraged to participate in different activities each day that allowed them to engage with their classmates. For example, on Monday they had conversation starters on the lunch table to help get all kids involved in conversation. The goal of this project was to promote and encourage students to make connections with their classmates.

“Clean Up Crew”

Students saw a need for a weekly clean up around campus after seeing the amount of trash that collects in the field behind our school. After discussing the need for a cleaning up effort, the officers decided to create a weekly time and routine for the Clean Up Crew to walk around the building and pick up trash. The goals of this project were to make students aware of the trash that accumulates around the school and to take pride in the way their school looks.

“Penny Wars”

Penny Wars is a battle between homeroom classes. Students bring in their loose change to either add points to their homeroom total or subtract points from other teams. Pennies add points to their totals and silver change subtracts. During lunch, students can walk up to a table filled with buckets labeled with teacher names and decide where their donations will go. At the end of each lunch period, the StuCo students help to sort coins, count, and calculate points for each homeroom. We enter the information into a spreadsheet and update the ranking sheets for teachers to share with students. When the week ends, we reward the top homerooms in each 5th and 6th grade with a pizza party. The goal of the project was to raise money to contribute to student activities on campus like helping to purchase blow ups or glow sticks for campus wide incentives. 

“New Student Bags”

The student council members created goodie bags for new students. They put candy, snacks, and Roberts Middle School pencils inside the bags. We also provided a card for the new student to write down their ID and homeroom teacher’s name; these two pieces of information are important for the student to be successful on any given school day. After a student is enrolled, a member of the student council is called to the front office to give him or her their bag of goodies and a planner. The student council member then gives the new student a tour of the school. The goal of this project was to give the student council members a sense of ownership and pride in their school, while ensuring students new to Fred Roberts felt comfortable and safe on their first day of school.