Frank Hendricson

According to Chandler Unified School District Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education Franklin Narducci, Principal Frank Hendricsen is a “rare breed of administrator that closely aligns research-based practices with climate and culture.” As principal of Chandler Traditional Academy-Independence, a K-6 school with over 800 students, Hendricsen believes his role is to cultivate shared vision and commitment so that everyone works together toward collectively held goals. Throughout his career, Hendricsen has consistently delivered on this promise, guiding each of his schools toward greater student retention, improved community relationships, and higher achievement. Hendricsen led Gateway Pointe Elementary, a struggling Title I school, to achieve an “A” letter grade for the first time in over a decade by introducing data-driven practices to deliver effective, differentiated instruction for all students. At CTA-I, Hendricsen has built on this success by designing and implementing a successful STEM program, spearheading a highly collaborative, multi-stakeholder process to make a plan for meeting leadership, global awareness, and digital learning goals. The program has brought together teachers, families, community, and staff to assert future-oriented goals, build new community partnerships, and improve upper-grades retention. Hendricsen is active in educational leadership on a local and state level. He holds a B.A. in Elementary Education, two M.Ed. degrees in Leadership and Curriculum, and an Ed.D., all from Northern Arizona University.