Elgin F. Mayfield Jr.

Bonaire Primary School
Houston County School District
Bonaire, Georgia

Throughout his career, Dr. Elgin Mayfield has built a reputation as an effective, hands-on instructional leader with a knack for establishing cultures of collaboration and collective responsibility for student learning. On two occasions, Mayfield has been called on by his district to open new schools. In 2013, he was tasked with facilitating the closure of Perry Primary and the opening of Langston Road Elementary, where he led the creation of a new vision and mission for the school and established the instructional frameworks for the school to score highest in the district within just three years. In late 2019, Mayfield eagerly accepted the challenge of opening Bonaire Primary School (BPS), which first welcomed students in August 2020, with the pandemic already under way. Drawing on his previous experience as a PLC leader, Mayfield set out to make BPS a fully implemented PLC school, leveraging the core values of collaboration and peer accountability to refine a three-tiered system of instruction to ensure all students achieve essential standards. These efforts have yielded sustained academic growth in the 98th and 99th percentile in reading and math, respectively, two years in a row. Prior to becoming an administrator in 2005, Mayfield worked for a decade as a band director. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and a Doctor of Education degree from Valdosta State University, as well as a Master of Education from Columbus State University.