Dawn Moore

In her seven years as principal of Leroy H. Smith School, Dawn Moore has demonstrated the importance of steady leadership in the midst of change. Early in her tenure, Moore facilitated the smooth consolidation of two attendance zones, effectively incorporating students from a small, closely-knit, high-poverty area into RSU #22. Seeing this change as an opportunity to strengthen the school’s existing culture, Moore carefully built trust and collaboration with new families, successfully instilling a sense of belonging in the community. A skilled systems thinker, Moore has also actively sought out change where necessary. For example, she facilitated a master schedule redesign to address a variety of unmet needs in the curriculum, including special subjects instruction, targeted interventions, and more time for planning and assessment. The redesign also helped incorporate “habits of mind” into the curriculum, which has led to such notable improvements in behavior and school culture that Moore has been invited to model the program at the state and district level. As Pre-K Liaison for her district, Moore has also advocated for quality early education, developing a program that fits the diversity of the district in the midst of multiple shifts in funding. Moore holds a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Southern Maine as well as an M.S. in General Education and a C.A.S. in Educational Leadership from the University of New England.