Dawn Oldenettel

Over her forty years of service, Dawn D. Oldenettel’s educational career spanned the roles of teacher, community college instructor, and school administrator until she stepped into the role of principal at St. John’s Lutheran School 6 years ago. Oldenettel immediately began strengthening the school’s instructional culture by supporting teachers in professional and curricular development, introducing new reading and math programming, and integrating technology into the classroom. By utilizing MAP assessments and working with an onsite Title 1 teacher, Oldenettel and staff are able to analyze data and provide individualized instruction and in-depth parent-teacher conferences. A commitment to community is evident in the school’s student fellowship gatherings, school improvement projects, and staff-led academic family events. Teachers visit each student’s home before the start of the school year, setting the tone for a productive year in which families are welcomed to participate in all aspects of school life. Oldenettel seeks to develop a school community of servant leaders. To that end, students are encouraged to develop service projects to help those in need, from park clean-ups to delivering donated gifts to families. Oldenettel’s open-door policy and welcoming, proactive attitude have earned her respect from colleagues, parents, and students alike. She holds a B.A. in Classics from San Diego State University, a B.S. in Education from Concordia University, and an M.S. Ed. from Pittsburg State University.