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Curtisene S. McCowan Middle School

Glenn Heights, Texas

Principal: Kelli McWashington
Advisors: Twynnette Anderson, Kayla Jackson
Student Council Officers: 7


“School Board Observation and Address (Superintendent Birthday Presentation)”

Students were asked to survey to student body about their experience at McCowan so that they could share the good and the bad. They took that information and wrote their own speeches to present in front of the school board. Sponsors wanted to show students how to enact change on their campus in a more formal setting. Students also used this opportunity to wish their Superintendent a happy birthday. The goal of this project was to promote student empowerment, develop leadership, develop public speaking skills, and develop positive relationships from the top down from the school board to the superintendent to the principals to the teachers then to the students

“Five Points Nursing Rehabilitation”

The objective met by this project was to foster meaningful connections between the generations. Middle school students interacting with nursing home residents can help bridge the generation gap and combat feelings of isolation among the elderly and the nervousness that students have about interacting with the elderly community. Also, partnering with another youth organization enhances teamwork and collaboration skills among the students. Students made decorations by hand prior to attending the nursing home. And once there students were able to chat and decorate each residents’ door. We went for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“3rd Annual Hearts and Roses Dance”

Our student leadership wanted to take a stance on the low student school culture results. Hearts and Roses Valentines Dance was a fundraiser for our student council. We sought to improve the school’s atmosphere and culture by creating a greater feeling of community. Our goals were to boost kids self confidence and courage. We felt it important for students to take a break from their testing schedule. In order to avoid exhaustion, we enjoy hosting an event that allows for a break from the academic strain. A dance is a great way for students to develop social skills, create good feelings, and practice face to face contact in a positive way.

“Veterans Day Appreciation”

Our objective was to celebrate are veterans and thank them for what they have done for their country. Students created candy jars and wrote messages of appreciation to all veterans. We also wanted to openly recognize our veterans, to allow all of the veterans to visit our campus,  and to allow family and students to see our veterans on campus.