Cathi Bradley

Cathi L. Bradley served as principal at Elk Elementary for eight years and has been principal of Kanawha City Elementary for the past four years. Colleagues describe Bradley as a loyal, inspiring, and hardworking principal who leads by example and who is dedicated to nurturing teacher leaders. A strong arts advocate, Bradley applied for and received a grant to train teachers at the Kennedy Arts Center in Washington, D.C., succeeding in integrating arts and creativity across all grades at Elk Elementary, which has contributed to increased test scores and decreased behavioral problems. At Kanawha City Elementary, Bradley has focused on creating systems for analyzing student data and implementing differentiated supports and individualized instruction for all learners. Bradley makes communication and community-building her focus. Parents and staff praise Bradley’s commitment to nurturing a positive, friendly school community where students know they are truly cared for. Bradley makes sure to personally greet students each day, and she stays involved in each student’s progress by commenting on report cards and meeting with parents. The introduction of a schoolwide mobile app has further strengthened communication with Bradley and her staff, enabling parents to more easily reach out with questions or concerns. Bradley holds a B.S. in Education from West Virginia State University and an M.A. and Ed.S. from Marshall University.