Brendan R. Bogart

Lincoln Elementary School
Alexandria Public Schools, ISD 206
Alexandria, Minnesota

Brendan Bogart has led Lincoln Elementary School for the last 18 years of his 21-year career as a principal. Throughout his tenure, Bogart has demonstrated consistent leadership that maximizes learning opportunities for students through increased synergy and collaboration throughout the school ecosystem. For example, Bogart led the collaborative remodel of an underused media center, repurposed as Lincoln’s Learning Lab, which is now home to a Makerspace and a variety of teaching, planning, and break areas, which facilitate frequent, in-the-moment problem solving to better tailor and deliver individualized learning experiences for students. Bogart also helped launch the Collaborative Intervention Team, now a district-wide model, which supports the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional facets of student learning by treating each area as a skill set that can be developed through targeted, objective interventions. These efforts have been strengthened by Bogart’s development of a PBIS system that breathed life into the district’s code of conduct. Aimed at increasing student and teacher awareness of the positive attributes and expectations in the code, Lincoln now uses a schoolwide curriculum to embed these principles as guideposts for SEL. Bogart holds an M.A. in Educational Administration and Leadership from Saint Cloud State University, a B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota, Morris, and a B.A. in Communications from St. John’s University.