Breez L. Daniels
Breez Daniels

Breez Daniels has been at the helm of a substantial shift in culture and achievement at Thermopolis Middle School. Now in her sixth year as principal, Daniels’ introduction of intensive data analysis, a supportive and innovative PLC culture, and the creation of new community-building school traditions has propelled TMS from one of Wyoming’s poorest-performing schools to one of its top ten performers. From her first day as principal, Daniels took risks to ensure that her team of teachers were all on board with a student-focused school community. With a leadership style focused on clear communication and mutual goals, Daniels has helped nurture a culture of teamwork and support among teachers and has increased family participation in student learning with Parent Partner Events. Daniels has reinvigorated the school with a bevy of innovative projects, like the transformation of the 20-year-old library into a Makerspace, allowing students to experiment with science and technology. Students have the option of participating in a farm-to-table program, growing food to be used in the cafeteria’s healthier new meal options. As a leader, Daniels sees herself as responsible for both ensuring and celebrating the success of each individual as well as the entire school. Daniels holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming, an M.A. in Education from Lesley University, and an Educational Leadership Endorsement from the University of Wyoming.


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