Bobby Riley

Principal Bobby Riley has served as head of the Integrated Arts Academy for four years, a magnet school located in a low socioeconomic area of the Burlington District with a deep sense of pride and community. “Principal Bobby” served as librarian of IAA for ten years prior, establishing himself as a school leader and allowing him to bring the community together as an instructional motivator. He is described as having a deep understanding of how to use intentional art experiences to teach core curriculum, and the ability to mentor teachers toward greater arts integration. Riley’s modeling of socioemotional and intellectual learning through multiple modes and building meaningful relationships with the most challenging students has established him as a transformational leader. During his tenure, achievement in reading and math has improved dramatically. Riley attributes this to a variety of complex factors, including a robust collaborative environment constructed over time and increased school-wide and classroom diversity as an opportunity and catalyst for growth. IAA was named the top “turnaround school” in the state in 2015 and has been identified as a model school hosting a large number of outside visitors each month. The Vermont Arts Council now refers to the Integrated Arts Academy as “a beacon of school reform.” Riley has a B.A from Trinity College, a Master’s in Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University, and his Principal’s Certification from University of the Cumberlands.