A. Blaine Hawley

Red Pump Elementary School
Harford County Schools
Bel Air, Maryland

A. Blaine Hawley’s service to Maryland students and families stretches back to 1985, when she began her career as a teacher, before later becoming a counselor and an administrator. When she was invited to open Red Pump Elementary School 11 years ago, Hawley faced the difficult task of building a new school from the ground up while unifying four distinct school communities around a common vision. Years later, Red Pump has earned a five-star rating from the state of Maryland and is a local model for its unique whole-child approach to elementary education emphasizing social-emotional learning, positive character development, and student investment in learning and community. Hawley credits the success of this model to strong management, which serves as the foundation for instructional leadership to flourish in an environment in which supporting student success is an inherently collaborative endeavor. Hawley describes her leadership style as heart-centered and relationship-driven, measuring her own success by the empowered and effective leadership of the teachers, specialists, and community partners with whom she collaborates. Throughout her career, Hawley has served as a mentor for many aspiring school leaders, including as an NAESP Principal Mentor and an ICF Certified Leadership/Engagement Coach. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Ohio Wesleyan University as well as an Master of Education degree in School Counseling and an Administrator Certificate from Loyola University.