Beth Houf

Beth Houf has been a Fulton teacher and administrator for fourteen years. Under her leadership, McIntire Elementary School was recognized by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as an Exemplary Professional Learning Community and became one of the first schools to exit the state’s list of failing schools. She was hired to take the helm at Fulton Middle School this past year and is creating a similar turnaround with a focus on school culture, innovation, and technology. In the words of a Fulton student, “She has brought life to the building, and made it an exciting place to be.” Whether leading staff dance parties, realigning parent-teacher conferences as student-led meetings, initiating the use of cell phones and Chromebooks as learning devices, or using social media to connect with parents, Houf’s enthusiasm and innovation are making a strong mark on the school and community. She believes that “the most important piece of the balance between leadership and management is that leadership cannot be singular. All parties working in harmony can create an amazing masterpiece of student learning.” Houf was recognized as an Exemplary New Principal in 2011. She holds B.A., master’s, and leadership specialist degrees from the University of Missouri and has served as a statewide leader for Missouri’s Leadership Academy since 2013.