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Barton Elementary School

Irving, Texas

Principal: Lisbeth Valdez
Advisor: Montserrat Rosas Acosta
Student Council Officers: 5


“Canned Food Drive”

This project involved the entire campus in obtaining donated canned food to benefit Irving families. Student council created posters with information about the drive:  when, where, why and how. It contained pictures and these posters were displayed around the school. A flier was created to be distributed to the students to take it home and it was posted in ClassDojo school wide. This same flier was displayed on the school’s announcements. Once the collection started, teachers received a google form where they submitted how many cans their homeroom received and a box to put the items in. On the day of pick up, we scheduled Irving Care to come to our school to collect the non-perishables.

“Dress Mr. Turkey”

This project had two main goals: one goal was to increase participation in a friendly game where you could encourage other kids and staff alike to donate a feather to someone’s specific turkey. The second goal was to have a parade where the winner, turkey or turkeys in case of a tie, would parade down the hall chased by the lunch ladies. The overall goal was to promote school spirit through a fun activity aside from academics which also encouraged fun, silliness, convincing, teamwork and the chance to see your favorite person wearing a costume chased by cafeteria staff.

Each teacher had their face on a body’s turkey and these were placed displayed on the main wall in the cafeteria. We encouraged each teacher to promote this activity with their students and if they didn’t want to be a turkey then they could convince their student to donate it for another teacher. Action steps : flyers were made promoting the Dress My Turkey and were placed throughout the school. This flier was also announced each day for the remainder of the project in the school announcement and it was also sent home via Classdojo. The Turkey outfit and the Feathers were ordered from Amazon. Teachers used a tabulation form to keep track of how many feathers were donated and a google form to indicate whose turkey it went to. Every Monday and Wednesday, I would put the feathers on the teacher’s turkeys. On Friday’s, we would send the staff an email update on the data and that prompted friendly competition