Ariel Wilson

Northeast Middle School
Tifton, Georgia

Best Practices

1) Accessibility/visibility: It’s important as a leader for staff and students to know they are supported and feel they are supported. I pride myself in building relationships with all my staff and students.  I know each student by name.  Being accessible to me means to make meaningful connections with teachers, staff, and parents.  Stakeholders know they can come to me for assistance in any area.  For example, students email me with their concerns because they know I will respond on their behalf.  Being a visible leader, I model the appropriate behaviors for staff and students.  I lead by example with actions, thoughts, and deeds.  In conclusion, accessibility/visibility is my best practice because I build relationships, give feedback, make parents my partners, and build capacity within the building.

2) Consistency/beliefs: One of my core values is consistency. Being consistent is important as a leader. Consistency builds trust, fosters a positive culture, and aids in effective communication. As a consistent leader, I continue to inspire consistency to achieve great learning outcomes and foster a thriving school culture.  I have witnessed much success by being a consistent leader. For example, during data talks, a team of teachers were not experiencing the same growth as the other teams.  After some discussion, it was determined the teams with the desired outcomes remained consistent with the work.  In conclusion, consistency/beliefs are best practice because what I believe drives what I do each day.