Anthony Comella

Anthony Christopher “Chris” Comella has served as an educational professional since 1982, and is now in his 6th year as principal of Pilgrim Lutheran School. Comella’s strong focus on academic strength is reflected in the adoption of a math specialist, fine-tuning of the 4th-8th grade instructional model, and implementation of a schedule that allows students to be instructed at their specific level across grades, permitting more focused instruction. Comella also understands that student physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development are integral to supporting academic success, and he encourages staff to understand the classroom from this perspective as well. He has introduced a PBIS program to serve student needs, and he constantly challenges students to connect with others to change the world for the better. He supports Pilgrim students to engage in service learning at every grade level, including inter-generational learning; cross-cultural learning that partners mostly English-speaking Pilgrim students with students in a nearby school whose student body is majority Spanish-speakers;.working on behalf of local food pantries; and supporting refugee families. Comella’s dedication to meeting the needs of the whole student has led one colleague to remark that “the difference his work has on students is palpable.” Comella holds a B.A. from Wabash College and an M.A. from Northeastern Illinois University, and extensive language study at the Goethe Institute.