Andy Jacks

In eight years as principal, Principal Andrew M. Jacks has been at the helm of transformation at Ashland Elementary School. The school has skyrocketed from an overall student achievement ranking in the 62nd percentile in 2010 to an impressive 96th percentile ranking in 2017. Ashland has seen a dramatic closing of the achievement gap for the most at-risk student groups, and referrals and suspensions have plummeted to close to zero each year, a result of Jacks’ dedication to fostering a collaborative, communicative relationship with each teacher and using data to steer performance goals. A leader of innovation throughout the district, Jacks has led numerous staff workshops on integrating new technology to support cooperative learning and district-wide public relations and branding. About half of the students at Ashland come from military families, and Jacks’ efforts to meet their unique challenges has led to commendations from veterans’ groups and national recognition in the form of a visit from the U.S. Secretary of Education. Jacks’ makes it a priority to advocate for his most at-risk students, investing in adaptive technology and top-tier staff for the school’s autism and special needs programs. Jacks holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Grove City College and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Supervision from George Mason University. He will receive his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Virginia Tech University.