Andrea Rosinger

In her seven years as principal of Frankfurt International School Wiesbaden, Andrea Rosinger has steered the school through situations that would challenge any administrator. Under her leadership, however, the school has emerged stronger and more prepared than ever to help students thrive. Following declined enrollment due to the 2008 economic crisis, Rosinger was instrumental in envisioning and enacting the expansion of the school to include sixth through eighth grades. Her leadership has ensured that FIS-Wiesbaden remains a trailblazer in its district, with almost all fifth graders staying on to continue their education after the higher-grade expansion. She has introduced an inclusion program to better meet the needs of all learners and has expanded learning opportunities with programs ranging from new STEM classes to outdoor education. Students stay with the same teacher for three years in the core STEM areas, allowing trust to build and a sense of collaborative learning to develop. In her own words, Rosinger’s leadership style is characterized by “an unfaltering desire to get it right, to change, whilst not losing sight of our strengths” as a school community. Rosinger holds a B.A. in Psychology from University College of North Wales, an M.A. in Education from Open University, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Lady Spencer Churchill College, and a Certificate in International Leadership and Management from the Educational Collaborative for International School/National Association of Head Teachers.