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Adrien Block Intermediate School 25

Queens, New York

Principal: Nancy De Poalo
Advisor: Jesus Hernandez
Student Council Officers: 4


“Student Participatory Budget Allocation”

The objective met by this project was to provide the entire student body with an opportunity to decide on how to best disburse the $3,500 budget for the benefit of the school. Google form surveys were launched in every grade’s Google classroom announcement page and students were given time within their social studies classes. This was a part of our school’s participation in Civics for all. The two surveys were meant to narrow down the realistic options for us to spend the budget on. Ultimately it came down to a mural or volleyball equipment. 

“Student Study Group”

The project’s goals are to provide students with supplementary support in subject areas they might be struggling with. The primary focus would be English Language Arts and Mathematics. The project aimed to create a space for students who excelled in certain subjects to tutor their peers who may be struggling with the same subjects.

“Spring Dance”

The project’s goals were to have students come together and have fun in celebration of all the hard work they have been doing throughout the school year. The student government, along with PTA, and the school administration planned a spring dance in various meetings.

“Student Body Outreach Via General Interest Surveys”

The project’s goals are to see what interests are feasible and achievable in order to improve students’ educational  and social experiences at I.S. 25. The student government developed general surveys to gauge student body interest in various things such as trips, resources, food, events, and clubs. The surveys varied from grade level to grade level. The project was successful because it has provided great insight into the wants and needs of the students at I.S. 25.