Adina Brito

Adina T. Brito’s four years as principal of Evergreen Elementary have been marked by a deep dedication to the success of each child. Brito implemented the Kids at Hope philosophy in 2015, transforming the school’s approach to discipline to one that is more preventative and nurturing. This has resulted in a 50 percent decrease in office referrals and a dramatic increase in attendance. By reimagining the school’s RTI program as an inclusive co-teaching/push-in model, teachers are able to consider the whole child’s needs and scaffold and differentiate core instruction to ensure success for each individual. Brito has encouraged teachers to plan collaboratively on Dual Language and RTI teams. Parental involvement has increased with monthly “Tea and Talk” events, where parents can dialogue with Brito, and Brito in turn can garner feedback on community needs. Brito is currently pursuing the implementation of the prestigious International Baccalaureate Program at Evergreen to further support student success. In the words of Shelton School District superintendent Dr. Alex Apostle, Brito is “a visionary and embraces the philosophy of challenging the ‘status quo’ in her effort to provide the very best and challenging opportunities for both staff and students.” Brito holds a B.S. in Anthropology from University of California-Riverside and a Master’s in Education from University of Washington.