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Adella Young Elementary School

Pasadena, Texas

Principal: Amy McClellen
Advisors: Julie Scott, Sueyen Vela
Student Council Officers: 6


“Kids’ Meals”

We are excited to share how our Student Council students’ ideas transformed into a tangible reality and the milestones we’ve achieved through our partnership with Kids’ Meals as we collectively worked towards ending childhood hunger in Houston, Texas. By delivering free and nutritious meals directly to the doorsteps of preschool-aged children, our community is making a tangible difference in their lives and aiming to break the cycle of poverty that often accompanies food insecurity while at the same time raising awareness in our community.

“Young Elementary Mission Statement”

The project focused on empowering Student Council representatives to enhance student-to-student
leadership. This was achieved by educating them about the school’s mission statement and fostering a
sense of pride in being a “Yellow Jacket.” The initiative also empowered teachers to take pride in the
school and encouraged students to educate each other about the values and character of being a
Yellow Jacket. By instilling a strong sense of identity and purpose, the project aims to create a positive
and cohesive school community where everyone is aligned with the school’s mission and values.