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Writing Guidelines

If you have an idea for an article, NAESP wants to hear from you! NAESP accepts article submissions for its blog, Principal magazine, and Communicator e-newsletter. Before you begin writing, read a sample article from these publications to get an idea of what the editors are looking for—practical, jargon-free articles that address a variety of educational issues for a principal or assistant principal audience.

Popular areas of focus include school equity, early career principals, assistant principals, mentoring, women in leadership, early childhood learning, social-emotional learning, mental health and school safety, and  innovation. 

Submit articles as a Word document to publications@naesp.org. Include your full title, affiliation, and contact information, with your mailing and email address. Please consult the guidelines below prior to submission.

2024-2025 Editorial Calendar

September/October 2024

Attendance Strategies that Work. This back-to-school issue will cover strategies school leaders from pre-K to the middle level can use to partner with families to reinforce the importance of attendance. It’ll also look at how attendance strategies, like mental health days and staggered start times, are meeting new and emerging needs for students. This issue will highlight ways to improve teacher attendance and leverage substitute teachers.

Submission Deadline: May 10, 2024

November/December 2024

Learning Networks and the Principal Pipeline. This issue will highlight how school leaders can use learning networks and communities of practice to connect, exchange best practices, and find support for themselves—and to strengthen the leadership pipeline in their schools by giving faculty and staff these same opportunities for growth. It will also look at how coaching, mentoring, and supervision align with these strategies.

Submission Deadline: June 14, 2024

January/February 2025

Technology: Teacher Efficacy, Equity, and Data Privacy. This issue will focus on how to use the latest technology like artificial intelligence to help teachers be more efficient in their roles. It also will identify trends in social media safety and data privacy, as well as strategies for schools to bridge the homework gap and digital divide so that all students are connected and set up for success. 

Submission Deadline: Aug. 9, 2024

March/April 2025

Rethinking Assessments and Standards. This issue will focus on the evolution of assessments and changing standards in education. It’ll incorporate research, professional learning, and strategies to support school leaders in their efforts to create educational opportunities tailored to the individual needs of children eligible for early intervention and special education services.

Submission Deadline: Oct. 4, 2024

May/June 2025

The Whole Child: Individualized Education and Community Engagement. This issue will explore what it means to support the whole child through wraparound services that are based on community, collaboration, cultural competency, and students’ individual needs. It’ll also look at the impact of community schools on student outcomes and how schools can leverage extensive tutoring opportunities.

Submission Deadline: Dec. 6, 2024

Principal magazine also seeks articles on the following topics

  • Early career principals
  • Middle school leaders
  • Assistant principals
  • Technology
  • Aligning pre-k-3 learning experiences
  • Professional ethics
  • Social-emotional learning
  • School safety
  • Equity Leadership