Webinar Wednesday Recap: Shifting the Monkey

These tips from Todd Whittaker can help principals increase staff morale and lead more effectively.

April 2018, Volume 41, Issue 8

Principals face the often difficult task of balancing staff morale while accomplishing goals. In NAESP’s recent #WebinarWednesday, the author and professor Todd Whittaker shows school leaders how to better combat negativity, while shifting staff morale and improving schools.

Successful leaders use strategies to better control team productivity levels in order to accomplish school goals. Here are ways leaders can address low morale, inefficient staff, and effectively “shift the monkey” when encountering negativity.

  1. Treat negative people as if they’re good. The second you hear or encounter a staff member express low morale, seek that person out and then use positive energy and feedback to help shift their attitude.
  2. Always do the “sidle up” approach. Leaders should always approach negative people from the side. Whenever you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with negativity, this stance makes it easier for the person receiving information to absorb positive feedback to help shift the mood.
  3. You must have an incredible ability to ignore. An effective leader should never feed into negative behavior. Ignoring does not mean “not aware”—it means you are purposely choosing what to respond to in order to gain the best outcome.

Download the presentation or view the full webinar here. This webinar is in part of NAESP’s Webinar Wednesday series each month.


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