Webinar Recap: Start Now to Finish Strong

Use these tips to help encourage your staff and students to be resilient throughout the school year.

January 2018, Volume 41, Issue 5

The mid-way point of the school year is quickly approaching and often morale and perseverance wane. What can leaders do to motivate themselves and others to complete the school year with phenomenal success in reaching project outcomes? NAESP hosted #WebinarWednesday to help motivate your staff and students to finish off the school year strong.

The recent Webinar Wednesday, Finish Strong: Teaching Perseverance featured popular YouTuber and nationally award-winning teacher, Jacob Clifford, as he gave tips to encourage staff and students to complete the school year with phenomenal success.

These strategies include:

  1. Know your students. Build a personal connection with students by learning names as soon as possible and employing “get-to-know-you” activities.
  2. Reduce the fear. Be open and admit your mistakes aloud so that you can create an atmosphere that mistakes are okay and expected.
  3. Connect every lesson to what really matters. Develop an effective sales pitch to illustrate why every lesson benefits the student.
  4. Be fair. Give clear expectations and rubrics to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

Click here for more strategies and to view the full webinar. This webinar is in part of NAESP’s Webinar Wednesday series each month.

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