Thank You, Volunteers

Topics: Principal Leadership

As a membership organization, NAESP is acutely focused on our members’ challenges, successes, and unique needs, serving as a national network that ensures school principals and assistant principals feel supported, connected, and heard. Our members guide us in everything we do—and we value the input and insights of every one of our school leaders.

As NAESP joins the celebration for National Volunteer Week April 21–27, we extend a heartfelt thank you to our volunteers, who—without fail or hesitation—dedicate their time, expertise, and passion to our association, the school leader profession, and their fellow colleagues.

Membership in NAESP opens the door for school leaders to volunteer in ways that help guide the association’s mission and vision. Members—principals and assistant principals—are in schools every day, working toward success for the entire school community while overcoming challenges that only school leaders know how to tackle. Who better to ensure that NAESP resources, programs, and events are hitting the mark for themselves as well as aspiring school leaders?

Who Are NAESP Volunteers?

At NAESP, volunteering looks like a lot of things. We are led officially by the NAESP Board of Directors—a diverse group of leaders from schools across the country who represent members from their regions. We also offer other formal opportunities to volunteer through the Membership, Nominating, and Resolutions committees; as state representatives and federal relations coordinators; as members of the Professional Learning Advisory Council, the Editorial Advisory Board, or the American Student Council Association Advisory Committee; and on the National Panel on the Principalship.

Volunteering also looks like answering survey questions to be featured in NAESP resources such as the Advocacy in Action digital newsletter or the From the Field department in Principal magazine, which is filled with best practices and tried-and-true strategies from school leaders across the country who have volunteered to share their knowledge with their peers.

Big or small, member feedback is fundamental to our success as an organization, and we cannot thank our volunteers enough. Your commitment to education and the profession shines brightly, and your volunteer efforts have a profound impact on our association, the field of education, and school communities.

On behalf of the NAESP staff, I want you to know that your efforts are seen, valued, and deeply appreciated. Thank you for being the heartbeat of NAESP. Your volunteer work makes a lasting difference, and we are proud to celebrate you this National Volunteer Week.

If you want to get involved with NAESP, visit to find opportunities to serve. No matter what your strengths are as a school leader, and whether you are new to the profession or have been serving for years, we invite you to engage with NAESP.

L. Earl Franks, Ed.D., CAE, is executive director of the National Association of Elementary School Principals.