Teach Children Healthy Habits

Welcome Back Packs from NAESP partner Lysol offer fun and educational resources to teach kids healthy habits.

Topics: Pandemic Leadership

Now more than ever, it is important to teach children healthy habits and make sure they’re practicing these habits both in the classroom and at home. To help promote safe in-person learning and ensure that schools have the resources they need to make it happen, Lysol has partnered with the CDC Foundation to create Welcome Back Packs as part of Lysol’s HERE for Healthy Schools initiative.

Welcome Back Packs are available for educators nationwide to download and print. The Kids In Need Foundation is also helping to distribute physical Welcome Back packs to 9,000 Title I schools across the country. Both the digital and physical versions include fun and educational resources such as:

  • Engaging Lesson Plans: Lesson plans created with educators that can help students learn healthy habits such as handwashing, social distancing, wearing a mask, cough and sneeze etiquette, and curbing germ spread. They’re organized by grade levels from pre-K to 5.
  • Informational Posters: Lysol and the CDC Foundation created informative posters that help remind students of healthy habits. Place them in locations around the school where reminders are needed.
  • Fun Activities: These resources go beyond lesson plans to provide schools with engaging ways to make healthy habits fun.
  • Stand Here Stickers: Take the guesswork out of social distancing by placing stickers that say “Here” around the classroom. Plus, germ hotspot stickers call out where germs are usually found, such as on doorknobs.

In addition to Welcome Back Packs, parents, teachers, and administrators can find more resources on handwashing, germ transmission, and other valuable lessons to share with children through the Lysol Healthy Habits Program. Practicing healthy habits can help ensure children are present in the classroom, whether in-person or virtual, for all of the learning magic that happens there.

Learn more about Lysol HERE for Healthy Schools and the Welcome Back Packs.