Reminder: NAESP’s 2016 Vice President Election

Today is the last day to vote in NAESP's 2016 election.

March 2016, Volume 39, Issue 7

The 2016 Vice President Election is coming to and end, and NAESP is encouraging eligible members to cast their votes before polls close March 29. The two candidates are Eric S. Cardwell, principal of Besser Elementary School in Alpena, Michigan, and David N. Wick, principal of Columbia Falls Junior High School in Columbia Falls, Montana. Eligible NAESP members may vote for Vice President during this voting window through the NAESP website.

Vice President Candidates:

Eric Scott CardwellDave Wick
Eric S. Cardwell
Besser Elementary
Alpena, Michigan
Dave N. Wick
Columbia Falls Junior High
Columbia Falls, Montana

Additionally, new Zone Directors will be elected in Zones 3, 4, and 6 in accordance with their zone process. If you have questions about your zone election, please contact your zone director. Refer to the NAESP Zone Map to find out which zone you are in:

Who’s Eligible to Vote?
Active, Institutional Active, and Emeritus members are eligible to vote. Retired, Aspiring, Associate, International Associate and Institutional Subscription members are not eligible to vote.

Visit NAESP’s 2016 Election FAQ page for more information.

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