QUIZ: How Well Do You Know NAESP?

When you joined NAESP, you gained access to a full menu of valuable resources and services developed specifically to meet the needs of elementary and middle school principals. Throughout your journey with NAESP, you likely benefited from many of NAESP’s educational and networking offerings, but how well do you really know NAESP? Take this Fun Quiz and find out!

1. How much professional liability and job protection liability coverage do members receive?

A. $1 million and up to $5,000

B. $3 million and up to $7,000

C. $2 million and up to $10,000


A. You can become an NAESP mentor by completing a 2½ day leadership institute course and a nine month internship.

B. Participants in NAESP’s mentoring program do NOT receive continuing education credits.

C. Mentors must be members of NAESP.

3. In what year does NAESP turn 100?

A. 2018

B. 2021

C. 2024

4. What was the TOP NAESP TWEET in 2015?

A. Safety concerns/lock-downs

B. Early career challenges

C. Innovative tech solutions

D. Mental health matters

5. Which of the following resources is NOT an NAESP publication?

A. Communicator

B. Before the Bell

C. EdWeek

D. Report to Parents


NAESP’s National Panel of New Principals is open to principals within their first three years of practice.


1) C
2) A: True; B: False; C: False
3) B
4) B
5) C
6) False: First two years only!

How did you Score?

0-1 Correct: Yikes! Time to do some surfing on the NAESP website!
2-3 Correct: Somewhat informed member—needs improvement.
4-5 Correct: Super engaged member. Good job!

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