Principal Spotlight: Supporting Teachers

December 2014, Volume 38, Issue 4

Research has shown that principal quality is the second most important factor impacting student learning. But it’s no surprise that the biggest influence remains the teacher in the classroom. Quality principals understand that in order to have a meaningful impact on learning, they need to support their teachers in every way they can.

The latest issue of Principal highlights a variety of ways principals can support their teachers. For example, Sandra A. Trach and Elise Foster take on improving teaching through meaningful observations, enhanced coaching, and “multiplying” teacher talent by building on teachers’ innate genius. Meredith Barnett explores how innovations in professional development—such as Edcamps—are shifting responsibilities from principals to teacher leaders.

The role of teacher leaders is underscored in NAESP Executive Director Gail Connelly’s one-on-one interview with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. In the interview, Duncan explains how supporting teacher leaders means that a “principal’s job becomes more manageable.”

Supporting teachers isn’t the only topic covered in this November/December issue. Mary Evans, Jennifer Hawkins, and Patrice McCrary contribute to the second installment of its Strong Start series, which focuses on aligning learning for grades pre-K-3. Their Kentucky elementary school provides a useful example of how blended learning can be used in early grades.

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