#NAESPchat Recap: Student Mental Health

Student mental health is a top priority—and a challenge—for educators nationwide. Children need coping skills and tools to overcome obstacles they face as kids and to lead healthy lives as adults.

We posed eight questions to the education community during a recent Twitter chat. Here are the top responses for each questions.

1. What’s your school’s No. 1 challenge when it comes to student mental wellbeing?

2. How do you implement SEL programs on a budget?

3. How have you partnered with community organizations to expand mental health services offered to students?

4. What tools do you need to be better equipped as you work toward preventing shootings?

5. What are a few telltale signs that a student is suffering from depression or anxiety?

6. How do you make sure LGBTQ+ and minority students and students with disabilities feel supported and safe?

7. How do you support grieving students—especially during the holidays?

8. Teachers are often on the front lines with student mental health. How can principals support them to help prevent burnout?

Add your best practices to support student mental health to the discussion and seek out others who are working to overcome the same challenges as you by searching #NAESPchat on Twitter.

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