NAESP Presents Virtual Book Talk Series for Early Career Principals

The first book talk—on leading for impact and equity—is scheduled for Jan. 27

December 2016, Volume 40, Issue 4

NAESP’s Virtual Book Talks for Early Career Principals is a free, professional learning community for early career principals to learn more about key topics from school principal authors and education leadership experts.

Each of the featured-author book talks gives insights into research-driven and evidence-based effective school leadership and education perspectives and practices, and allows participants to join an online community to continue their conversations with the author. This opportunity will be available to participants who are current or new members of the NAESP National Panel of New Principals. After an introductory webinar, participants may engage in interactive learning with the author.

Register now for upcoming the NAESP Virtual Book Talks Online Community. We also encourage you to join NAESP’s National Panel of New Principals for access, beyond the initial webinar, with principal authors and thought leaders for two to three learning sessions. Sign up now!

Schedule: NAESP’s Virtual Book Talks

January 26, 2017 at 4 p.m. EST

Topic: Leading for Impact and Equity
Book: Becoming A School Principal
Featured Principal/Author: Dr. Sarah E. Fiarman

In her book Becoming a School Principal, Sarah E. Fiarman describes her first few years as a school principal committed to enacting a powerful vision of leading and learning. Drawing thoughtfully on the literature of school reform and change leadership, Fiarman discusses a wide range of topics, including empowering teachers, building trust, addressing racial and economic inequities, and supporting a culture of continuous learning, as well as thornier issues such as learning to use authority skillfully, dealing with resistance, and managing supervision and evaluation. The book addresses common challenges and highlights missteps as well as successes.
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March 14, 2017 at 4 p.m. EDT

Topic: Renegade Leadership: A Surprisingly Simple Framework for Meaningful Change
Book: Renegade Leadership: Creating Innovative Schools For Digital-Age Students
Featured Principal/Author: Dr. Brad Gustafson

The first years in the principalship can be some of the most exciting and difficult years in education. It’s imperative that new school leaders focus on what really matters during these foundational leadership years. Innovation is something that really matters, but it can be lost in the frenetic pace and steep learning curve of the principalship…until now. This virtual book talk will provide a surprisingly simple framework for applying innovation to the great work already being done in schools. This is NOT a book about change for the sake of change. Renegade Leadership promises to empower principals with the tools and how-to support to create meaningful change in their schools.
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May 1, 2017 at 4 p.m. EDT

Topic: Building Creative Capacity In Schools
Book: Creating Tomorrow’s Schools Today: Education – Our Children – Their Future, 2nd edition
Featured Principals/Authors: Richard Gerver and Cheryl Sterman

Drawing thoughtfully on strategies that he used when he was brought in as head teacher and school principal to turn around Grange Primary School in the UK, Gerver shares how he implemented a vision for a school system that supports educators and caters for every child; a system that helps nurture self-confidence, self-worth, creativity through arts, innovative thinking, team-working and communication skills—all key social-emotional, cognitive (academic and collaborative) skills and employability skills that children will need in the fast-moving world of technology and information they are growing up in.
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