NAESP Joins Learn From History Coalition

Access resources like talking points on minimizing the backlash to Critical Race Theory.

Topics: Curriculum and Instruction, Equity and Diversity

Extensive recent survey research confirms that a broad bipartisan majority of Americans want students to learn a thorough, accurate, and fact-based account of American history, and that they trust teachers to thoughtfully teach the hard parts of history. Principals provide strong leadership in delivering the best possible instruction and support to students while keeping students and staff safe. But the tough task is made even harder in many communities by misinformation about history and social studies curriculum and instruction.

The primary falsehood being spread is that schools are teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT), an advanced academic concept taught in some law schools and colleges to explain persistent, stark racial inequities. The term “CRT” is intentionally being distorted and misused. Inaccurate claims about what is being taught are causing parents to pack school board meetings and, armed with nationally provided talking points, push for resolutions to restrict teaching, curricula, or professional development. Several states have even passed laws banning classroom discussion of “divisive concepts” such as racism and levying steep penalties on districts or educators that do not comply.

The Coalition

With lawmakers in at least 28 states making efforts to force teachers to brush past important history and restrict conversations about race in schools, more than 1,000 students, parents, educators from across the country declared “enough,” helping to launch Learn from History, a nationwide nonpartisan coalition to protect accurate, thorough, and fact-based history in America’s classrooms.

NAESP joined the coalition—along with a wide range of educational organizations—to raise public awareness about the dangerous and inaccurate claims being made about school curriculums, how they are being taught, and the threat those claims pose to the rigor and integrity of our children’s education.


Access this brief guide for effective immediate steps you can take to minimize distraction and disruption and keep the focus on your students and what they need.

If you want to get involved in Learn From History or learn more, text “TRUTH” to 67076 or visit

Share Your Story

If your state or school district is being affected by politicians’ attempts to censor U.S. history in K-12 schools, the Learn From History coalition wants to hear from you. Use this survey to record your experience with the misinformation-fueled backlash against thorough and accurate history and teaching about racism. The more we speak up about this issue, the more effectively we can show how this censorship is a detriment to students and their educations.