Lifetouch Celebrates 20 Years of Giving Back

Lifetouch is proud to have served communities in need around the world through the Lifetouch Memory Mission.

Memory Mission has allowed Lifetouch employees and national educational partners—including principals like you—to travel worldwide to provide intensive volunteer services for two decades. Volunteers have donated their time and skills on 17 weeklong trips, traveling to eight destinations around the world to give back to communities in need.

This equates to:

  • More than 6,000 days of service;
  • More than 500 volunteers from 48 states and five Canadian provinces;
  • 6,000 student and family photos taken, printed, and hand delivered; and
  • 2,100 miles run (that’s like running from Chicago to Los Angeles) in four years to raise funds for the trip.

Due to the pandemic, Lifetouch had to make the difficult decision to cancel Memory Mission for 2021. Future visits have been paused due to continued unknown factors related to international travel and COVID-19. As always, our volunteers’ health and safety are at the center of any decision Lifetouch makes regarding the Memory Mission trips.

But that won’t stop us from celebrated 20 years of helping communities in need. Learn about Memory Mission in this video, “Lifetouch Celebrates 20 years of Giving Back.” If you’ve participated in a Memory Mission, share your stories from your trip on social media, as these trips are life-changing for those who volunteer and those who are being helped. Be sure to include #lifetouchgivesback. To learn more, visit the Lifetouch Memory Mission website.