Leading for Literacy: Supporting Early Literacy Instruction Pre-K To 3

Topics: Literacy, Professional Learning

Join Jill Pentimonti, Ph.D. and Lana Santoro, Ph.D. as they overview the TeacherRead Program and key considerations for literacy learning in preschool/early childhood contexts that set a strong basis for later language learning and academic success, including promoting oral language, phonological awareness, and print knowledge. Lana Santoro will provide a brief overview of a seven-year, federally funded project to promote teacher read alouds for enhancing narrative and expository comprehension, vocabulary, and language development of children in grades K-2. She will outline the components of instruction and highlight critical instructional delivery look fors. She will also discuss use of a professional learning community structure to support implementation. Presenters will engage participants in discussion related to what school leaders can do to promote evidence-based instruction in preK and early elementary school.