Join Club Connect and Support Your School

September 2013, Volume 37, Issue 1

NAESP and United Way are teaming up to improve education in our country and give every child a chance to succeed. United Way has partnered with the NAESP Foundation to help bring United Way Club Connect to elementary and middle schools nationwide.

United Way Club Connect is an annual membership program that raises money for your school, United Way’s education causes, and continued education and enrichment courses for principals through the NAESP Foundation. This unique and powerful program provides students access to, an online destination focused on literacy and philanthropy, while also providing hundreds of dollars in coupons to each student’s family.

We are excited to be working with United Way Club Connect to help support education programs that specifically focus on improving literacy and increasing the high school graduation rate, while providing a destination for kids to inspire a love for reading and encourage them to give back to their community.

Pilot programs are now underway in schools across the country, and the following states have partnered with us: Texas, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Virginia, Washington, Maryland, Wisconsin, Arizona, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Colorado, Alabama, Louisiana, Montana, Alaska and Kentucky. Join us by visiting today to request your free welcome kit.

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