Imposter Syndrome

A look at why some think they don't "deserve" their roles, and how to work through these feelings.

Topics: Principal Leadership, Women in Leadership

Have you ever felt that despite success in your role, you feel you’re somehow unworthy of it? You’re not alone: This phenomenon, known as “imposter syndrome,” can have negative effects on a principal’s work and well-being. Hosts Andrea Thompson and Jessica Gomez sit down with school leader Tequila Lamar to discuss the what, how, and why of imposter syndrome. In this episode we cover:

  • How to recognize these feelings and put them perspective
  • How it specifically impacts women
  • How imposter syndrome manifests in the education world
  • Seeking support from peers and advocates

Tequila Lamar has worked as an educational leader for the past 15 years at various grade levels, and is currently head of school at Centennial Academy in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.