Germs in the Classroom: Education and Prevention From a Microbiologist

Experts share how schools can help prevent the spread of germs in this informative video from Lysol.

Topics: Pandemic Leadership

School leaders have been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic to help create safe in-person learning environments for students. As we continue to navigate in-person learning during these unprecedented times, it is imperative that school leaders are armed with the proper knowledge to help keep children and staff safe while learning in the classroom.

Dr. Julie McKinney is the global director of virology and microbiology at Lysol’s parent company, Reckitt Benckiser, where she leads a team of microbiologists, chemists and consumer scientists as they research trusted products, including Lysol. In the video below, “Germs in the Classroom: Education and Prevention from a Microbiologist,” McKinney shares learnings about how germs are transmitted, the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, and best practices to help prevent the spread of illness-causing germs in the classroom.