Fresh From the Field: Wellness Goals For 2021

As we go into the New Year, how are you going to foster wellness for yourself? Here’s what your principal peers are saying.

“2021 will continue to require a lot of us as school leaders. I understand that my own wellness needs to be a high priority if I am going to continue to give my best self to my students, families, and staff. One focus for the New Year is going to be on mindfulness. I hope to incorporate daily mindfulness practice as a way to connect my body and my mind, to be centered, and as a means to deal with the demands of the role of principal.”—Rachel Roberts, @robertsleads, Florida

“I have a stop/start relationship with journal writing. I plan to be more consistent and work to make it part of my daily habits.”—Lyn Marsilio, @LynMarsilio, Virginia

“I will continue to honor my personal time with family as a means to foster wellness for myself. I am learning to set boundaries for my professional life to allow a focus on health, fitness, and spiritual and emotional growth.”—Rhonda Rhodes, @RhondaRRhodes, South Carolina

“Continue walking and reading for joy.”—Dilhani Uswatte, @DilUswatte, Alabama

“My wellness goal rests on the notion of taking care of myself so I can continue to take care of others. Using my Peloton is a great way to de-stress and stay fit.”—Shanna Spickard, @sspickard, Michigan

“I am going to make sure that I schedule time for my family and friends each week so that I can maintain work-life balance. Connecting with others is a great stress reliever for me!”—Amy Mason, @AMasonPrincipal, Alabama

“Showing gratitude and being grateful for all that I have and am able to accomplish daily.”—Leah Bessette, @PrincipalLCB, Rhode Island