Focusing on Wellness

Why principals shouldn't forget to pay special attention to their own well-being.

Topics: Health and Wellness

Principals put in a lot of work towards taking care of the staff, students, and families they serve. But too often they forget to take care of themselves. Adam and Rachael sit down to discuss what wellness means to them and how to practice it every day. Plus, we hear wellness tips and strategies from school leaders Liz Garden, Darryl Diggs, and Ron Poland. In this episode, we cover:

  • Why wellness is so critical
  • Being intentional and committed to self-care
  • Negotiating a proper work-life balance
  • Encouraging wellness at your school

Liz Garden is a blogger, author, and serves as principal of Henry P. Clough Elementary School in Menden Massachusetts.

Dr. Darryl Diggs, a former principal, currently serves as Assistant Director of Equity for Teaching and Learning at the Special School District of St. Louis County, Missouri.

Ron Poland serves as NAESP state representative for Nevada, and has been recognized as a 2022 NAESP National Outstanding Assistant Principal for his leadership at Rose Warren Elementary School in Las Vegas.