Creating a Common Language of Equity

Topics: Equity and Diversity, School Culture and Climate

Every student in my classroom deserves an equal chance despite their differences, what can we do as school leaders to ensure that? Equity in education is the process of reforming practices, policies, and procedures at the school and district levels to support academic fairness and inclusion. This ensures every child has everything they need to be successful, like resources, teachers, and interventions. Today we are pleased to feature NAESP Center for Diversity Leadership fellows Ryan Daniel and Edgardo Castro as they discuss how school leaders can create a common language of what equity looks and feels like.

Dr. Ryan Daniel is principal of Fort Foote Elementary School in Fort Washington, Maryland, and fellow at the Center for Diversity Leadership.

Dr. Edgardo Castro is Director of Learning Services at Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools in New Mexico, and fellow at the Center for Diversity Leadership.