Assisting with Math Instruction

Topics: Assistant Principals, STEM, Curriculum and Instruction, Teacher Effectiveness

School leaders play a crucial role in guiding their teachers’ math instruction. Donna McGuire, moderator of the NAESP Assistant Principal Community of Practice, is joined by two educators to share strategies specifically for APs that can help teachers conquer math anxiety, improve their pedagogy, and ultimately give math meaning at their schools.

Sabrina Antonelli is principal of Norwood Elementary School in Warwick, Rhode Island, and a 2023 NAESP National Distinguished Principal.

Sherry Knight is director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Equity in the Burlington (New Jersey) City School District.

Donna McGuire is assistant principal at The Park Terrace School in New York City, a 2023 NAESP National Outstanding Assistant Principal, and moderates the NAESP Assistant Principal Community of Practice.