Advocacy Update: Tech PD for Principals

By Kelly D. Pollitt Communicator May 2014, Volume 37, Issue 9

By Kelly D. Pollitt
May 2014, Volume 37, Issue 9

As summer approaches, Congress is moving several federal funding bills, which include funding for key federal education programs in FY 2015. In addition to the push to redirect current federal funds to better support principals, NAESP is working on a concerted advocacy campaign to prod Congress to include an additional $200 million in federal funding for professional development in technology.

As the nation’s schools continue to make the digital transition, educators, including teachers and principals, must be afforded the opportunity to build their skills using new technology to provide a 21st century learning environment. To date, little to no federal investment has been directed to support principals to create school communities that thrive on sufficient technology devices, resources, and professional learning. While school districts struggle to help schools put in place appropriate technology infrastructure—such as providing devices, equipment, software, and connectivity, we know that educators must receive support to use the technology to improve student learning.

NAESP is working to request funding for both President Obama’s proposal ConnectEDucators, and the Enhancing Education through Technology (EETT) program, a federal formula program that has not been funded for several years.

In collaboration with industry and education groups, NAESP sent in requests to both the House and Senate related to funds for ConnectEDucators, as well as a broad national and state industry statement of support for the EETT program.

As the funding bills are drafted and move forward, NAESP members will have an opportunity to weigh in with their representatives. Stay tuned for advocacy alerts and updates over the coming months and visit for additional information related to NAESP’s advocacy agenda on behalf of principals.

Kelly D. Pollitt is Associate Executive Director for Policy, Public Affairs, and Special Projects at NAESP.

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