4 Ways to Turn Holiday Shopping into Fundraising for Your School

Topics: School Management

Gift cards continue to grow in popularity during the holidays to spread holiday cheer. This year it’s expected that this popularity will grow even more—as consumers face challenges in their holiday shopping because items are unavailable or delayed due to supply-chain shortages. What if those gift cards could turn into a fundraising program for your school?

Gift card fundraising by ShopWithScrip can fund your school’s wish list, simply by changing the way people pay. Participants can choose from 750-plus popular gift card brands to use for holiday shopping, gifting, and much more. For each gift card purchased, a percentage of each gift card purchased goes directly to your organization’s fundraising account. The gift card is worth face value, so no extra time or money is needed to earn.

The holiday season is No. 1 for earning.

Schools that use gift card fundraising see their highest earnings during the months of November and December. Here are four ways they have used gift cards to turn the season of giving into a season of earning.

  1. Gifting: Gift cards make great holiday gifts, including great options like Amazon.com, Starbucks, and Visa. With 750+ brands to choose from there is something for everyone on the list, including teachers and staff.
  2. Holiday Shopping: Gift cards don’t have to be the gift. They can be purchased in advance to shop with—supporting people who like to find the perfect gift for that special recipient.
  3. Charitable Donations: Gift cards can turn into donations too. Families at your school can buy gift cards to support a local food shelf, animal shelter, or holiday toy drive.
  4. Holiday Hosting Essentials: Gift cards are available for groceries, decorations, and much more to host—or attend—a great gathering.

 Whether you are looking for a year-round fundraiser or an effective way to raise funds during the holiday season, now is a great time to get started. Learn more about gift card fundraising and start a free program for your school at ShopWithScrip.com/naesp-fundraiser.

This article was contributed by ShopWithScrip, a top-earning fundraiser supporting schools across the U.S. for more than 25 years. Whether your school needs funds for new technology, field trips, classroom supplies, tuition assistance, or a combination of things, every dollar raised helps provide a better education for your students.