Leading Learning Communities: Standards For What Principals Should Know And Be Able To Do

NAESP's Leading Learning Communities standards is recognized as the performance guideline for principal practice. This document defines six standards that principals should know and be able to:

Standard 1: Lead student and adult learning
Standard 2: Lead diverse communities
Standard 3: Lead 21st century learning
Standard 4: Lead continuous improvement
Standard 5: Lead using knowledge and data
Standard 6: Lead parent, family, and community engagement

Leading Early-Childhood Learning Communities: What Principals Should Know and Be Able to Do

"If educators are to be successful in the K-12 period, they must begin their work prior to school entry during the preschool period."
— Edward Zigler, Sterling Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, Yale University

Recent brain research makes it clear that children's learning is enhanced by their early childhood experiences. As schools work to ensure all children are prepared for the 21st century, pre-K programs are vital. This comprehensive document outlines activities that will strengthen principals' understanding of the learning continuum from birth through third grade and provide strategies and case studies for incorporating early learning principles and practices into schools' learning communities.

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