Principal Supplement September/October 2017: Champion Creatively Alive Children

Recognizing the importance of arts education is essential to NAESP’s commitment to fostering creativity in schools. This year, NAESP and Crayola have once again teamed up to develop a special supplement to Principal, as part of a mission to support arts-infused education. In it you’ll find profiles of schools across the country awarded arts education grants, and learn how they invested in their students’ capacity for creativity. Visit the Champion Creatively Alive Children page to learn more about these efforts and how they could help your school through grants and free professional development.
Click here to read the digital edition.

Art Integration: Worth the Investment Promising practices and improved outcomes
Building Creative Capacity Transforms Schools Practical tips for getting started
Collaborate Beyond School Engage with your community
STEAM Ignites Learners’ Energy Art adds powerful processes to STEAM
What Is STEAM and Why Does It Matter?
Bridge the Gaps With Art Enhance knowledge transfer
Make Thinking Visible Art helps learners see multiple perspectives
20 Innovative Ideas From the 2016–2017 Champion Creatively Alive Children Grant Winners

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